Native Google Chrome Ad Blocker Now Live for Canary and Dev Builds


It was speculated for a long time, and then it was formally announced. A native ad blocker was finally making its way into Google Chrome. It has today begun rolling out for the Chrome Canary and Dev builds of the browser. This native Google Chrome ad blocker has been eagerly awaited but much of it was still unknown. More details about the service have begun rolling out now.

This native Google Chrome ad blocker can now be seen in the settings of the supported versions of Chrome. Users can now navigate to site settings, where they will see a new option ‘Ads’. Clicking on it takes you to the native Google Chrome ad blocker where you would be able to toggle it on and off. The option reads “Block Ads from sites that tend to show intrusive ads”. When toggled on, the ads will be blocked.

In another much appreciated move, this feature will be turned on by default so that even the users who may not know of its arrival will benefit from it. The update is live in the Chrome Canary as well as dev builds, however it varies from device to device for now. As of now there is no word on when we might see it on the final build but we assume it is going to take quite a while. These are experimental builds and the final version is expected to feature various improvements over it.

In addition to that, there’s no update on when we may get to see this on the PC version of Google Chrome as well. A few years ago, it would be laughed at if you said Google plans to build an ad-blocker. However, this is becoming a reality faster than we thought it would. Stay tuned with us for more updates on this native Google Chrome ad blocker.