New iPhone 8 Render Gives Detailed Insight into Apple’s new iPhone


Apple has been among the biggest name when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been at the helm of hardware technology for over 40 years, and has managed to hold the industry in a firm grip. Apple’s dominance is also visible in the smartphone markets as the iPhones, despite having only 14% of the global market share, makes the most profit. With the gen-next iPhone 8 devices, Apple intends to take the market share as well as profits to the next level.

The upcoming iPhone device, currently assumed to be named the iPhone 8 (though reports of iPhone 7s have also been popping up), is expected to be a major device with many new and innovative features. This is because this is the tenth anniversary iPhone, and Apple is bound to make it a special event. The past few iPhones have been underwhelming and this is going to be a pathbreaking device. The latest set of renders that have come out give us a detailed idea about how the gen-next iPhone would look like.

This gen-next iPhone 8 smartphone is said to come out with a bezel free design, as is evident by this render. The screen occupies almost the entire front, with the exception of that small bar where the front camera and speaker grille are placed. Interestingly, bits of screen are present on the left and right of the speaker grille too. It might be possible that Apple has added a display strip on the top bar where the essential details will be displayed, perhaps in an always-on setting.

These latest renders are among the most authentic and credible renders because they come via Forbes, a popular name when it comes to news reports. Reports suggest that the iPhone 8 would come out into the markets with a 5.8 inched OLED display. The bezels on each side are only 4mm thin. The top lip is a little thicker as that is where all sensors are present.

Interestingly, the power button has been made longer than it has in the past. This perhaps indicates at the touch ID sensor being moved on the power button. Reports tell us that even Apple is uncertain about the placement of this sensor as of now. The lightning port is present on the bottom of the phone. The 3.5 mm jack which was axed last year remains axed on the iPhone 8 as well. The back features a dual camera placed vertically on the left edge of the phone, with the flash placed between the two cameras.

While these are still renders, the final phone might be a little different. Let us now discuss the pricing of the iPhone 8. It has been rumored for quite a while that this gen-next iPhone device is expected to be the most expensive iPhone ever, breaking all known price barriers. The phone is said to be priced in at $1100 to $1200 and will come out only in 128GB and 256GB variants. The device is expected to feature a better waterproofing as well. Stay tuned with us for more news on the iPhone 8.