July was the month where everybody in the world of technology was talking about only two apps – Pokemon Go, which released that month, and Prisma, which was a little older, but caught fire in July. Prisma witnessed a major boost and massive growth in a very short time. There have been many updates and upgrades which have been made to the app since then, but the biggest of these changes has perhaps now been launched – the app now supports videos. These Prisma Videos had been talked about for a very long time, but are now officially released.

As of now, the Prisma Videos are exclusive to the iOS users.  However, the arrival of video support for Prisma is not a new phenomenon, as this was something that the app-makers had promised a while ago. The Prisma Videos were eventually going to come, and they have finally released now. Between the launch of Prisma, and the arrival of their video support, there have been a number of other apps which have offered similar features.

The Prisma videos too, work in a similar manner to the regular images. They too, can be edited offline. It allows the users to add effects to videos up to 15 seconds in length. As of this moment, those editing Prisma Videos can make use of 9 filters. However, the developers of the app have said that more filters will soon be added to the app.

While it is iOS-only as of now, it is expected that it will eventually launch on to Android. What makes releasing apps on the iOS before Android easier for the developers is the standardization. While there are only a few variations of the iPhones, there are thousands of Android devices. Upon its release for Android, it is expected that the processing time for the Prisma Videos will vary from device to device based on their hardware.