Among some of the biggest names in the world of technology, Snapchat, or as we now know it, Snap Inc, has been gearing up for a major IPO launch. The buzz around the launch of their IPO was in the markets for quite a while now, and it is becoming clearer with every passing day that an IPO launch is indeed happening. However, newer reports indicate it might happen sooner than we expect it to. The company has now been preparing the documents for an IPO launch that might happen as early as March 2017.

The report came via the Wall Street Journal, which said that the company, which is currently being valued in at $18 Billion, might have an impact of as much as $25 Billion upon their IPO Launch. Considering the fact that Snap Inc. will generate an income less than $1 Billion this year, they will be able to file their IPO confidentially.

However, Snap Inc. listing their IPO would also depend upon a number of other factors, including the market volatility, as well as the state of the Chinese Economy. The outcome of the US Presidential elections too, will have an effect on Snap Inc launching off their IPO. As of this moment, the company has not hired banks to underwrite their IPO. There has however, been no official statement from Snap Inc over these rumors.

If Snap does indeed launch their IPO in 2017, this would be one of the biggest IPO launches in a long time, the last major launch was that of Match, the company that owns a number of dating websites, such as OK Cupid and Tinder. Match stood in at $2.9 Billion, which is a huge number, but considerably smaller than the $25 Billion that Snap Inc might soon be looking at. The company has recently decided to enter the hardware business, and the Snapchat Spectacles were their first ever hardware launch.