Time Travel: Go Through The History of Product Hunt And Explore Popular Products


Product Hunt has been one of the biggest platforms when it comes to promoting gen-next tech products. Software, Hardware, Games, Books, Podcasts - nothing misses the eagle eyed website’s reach. The website has been around since late 2013. In almost four years of its existence, there has been a ton of content that has been added to it almost every day. It becomes hard to keep track of when a product was added here, and even harder to go back in time to look for it. There’s where Time Travel comes to play.

The latest additions to the Product Hunt website, the Time Travel feature allows you to go back in time and look at any day in the existence of Product Hunt and look at what was shared on that day. It is an interesting way to stumble upon some really interesting products. Time Travel basically opens one giant calendar in front of you. Clicking on any date in the calendar takes you to that day and lists down all the products that were added on the website.

Time Travel is quite an interesting feature which has a two-fold benefit. Firstly, the users can now stumble upon some really interesting products on the website which they might have skipped or missed due to joining the site late. The second benefit is to the Product Hunt website as this Time Travel feature will lead to users spending more time with the website.

Product Hunt founder Ryan Hoover commented on Time Travel, stating: As Product Hunt ages, its database of products gets even more interesting, like an internet archive of tech culture, trends, and conversation. It’s interesting to see how product evolved since then and which didn’t make it. Now every day can be linked to, you’ll start seeing this used in other creative ways shortly.