40 Cool Websites on the Internet


Whenever we are bored we tend to use Facebook scrolling through posts and blogs. If you like reading you may even read novels or listen to music. Next time you are bored why don’t you check these cool websites? They are interesting, informative and best for time pass. You can waste time looking into Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp statuses, stories and news feed. But after a while, you would be bored of it too. Now you may move on to some youtube videos or play some games.

Top 40 Cool Websites on the Internet

I would suggest you to, bookmark our page and refer the cool websites which I would be mentioned in this article. There is a huge collection of cool websites which consists of fun as well as informative stuff. Have a look at it and visit those websites next time when you are free.

1. Bored Panda

As the name suggests ‘Bored Panda’ is one of the cool websites to refer, when you are bored and not interested in looking into serious politics. Here you can find random posts can be hilarious photos, videos. There are posts related to topics such as photography, animals, trending stuff in a jovial way, DIY, technology etc. Just create an account on Bored Panda and you can scroll down when ever you are bored next time.

2. Little Alchemy

This a fun game where you can add some of the basic components such as Fire, Water, Earth, Rain etc to form some results. Ex when you add Earth and Rain you would get a plant. Use the other basic products to get various byproducts. You can explore this game all day and it is would not make you bored. Explore the game from one of the cool websites and look for new products from the game.

 3. TED

Not always you have a mood to look for funny posts. A late sleepless boring 3 AM night is the best time to look for innovative, creative posts. This Non-profit Organisation has a lot of motivational stories from the achievers across the world. You just need a pair of earphones and now you can hear to something knowledgeable and factual. This would not only give some positive vibes but also motivates you. One among the best informative cool websites on our list.

4. Laughing Squid

When we think of cool websites it should be mind relaxing with some hilarious posts. This one such website, Laughing Squid. You can find animations, funny photoshop work and what not. This website has a lot of visual content and arts which are best for time pass and relaxation. You can see hilarious photos on TV series, movies etc.

5. Mental Floss

This is one among the cool websites with things happenings around us, stories and interesting stuff of famous celebrities across the world. You can check for stories about your favorite star. There is information related to science, technology, history, food and a lot more. Look for your favorite section on Mental Floss and tell us your experience. Do recommend this site to your friends so that they won’t get bored.

6. Brain Pickings

Brain Picking is the best way for boredom as well as to expand your knowledge. This was started by MIT student Maria Popova as a blog during her research and one of the cool websites on our list. You can build your intellectual base from the vast content from this website. It has posts related to innovators, historians, scientific development and what not. Next time you feel bored don’t just scroll Facebook feed, check out Brain Pickings.

7. Incredible Things

As the name suggests this is one of the factual based cool websites which may freak you out with some of the unknown, unheard incredible facts. There are facts from every single field over here under a single window. There are posts related to inventions, discovery, trending news, and many such topics. It is very interesting to pass you time and gain some knowledge.

8. Oddee

This is an interesting, factual, weird website. You can find posts on what you won’t expect in general. It may not be knowledgeable but a good platform to for boredom. You can find some of the craziest, bizarre, strange information from this website. You can see top 10 countdown posts, a whole article which may not be relevant to you but one of the suitable cool websites for boredom. Can be called as factual but not worth sharing to anyone. Check the Oddee website for some crazy information.

9. College Humor

As the name and the image suggest this is one of the humor based cool websites. College Humor also has a Youtube channel with 10 million views. You can find posts and articles related to movies, politics, trending news and what not. There are posts related to college life and humor related them also. You can check this website anytime while you are bored. College Humor is filled with funny, hilarious memes and posts.

10. Funny or Die

Funny or Die is a website filled with funny and hilarious posts. There are funny videos too on the websites mostly from movies. The comedy posts are on such cool websites are dedicated to celebrities, comedians and from users. If you have something funny then you can share with Funny or Die. Apart from website Funny or Die also has TV shows which are fun to watch. Don’t miss hilarious posts on celebrity, movies, comedians on Funny or Die.

11. Archie McPhee’s Geyser of Awesome

This is one such cool websites after a novelty store which sells crazy, weird and wacky stuff. The Archie McPhee store is located in Seattle where you can purchase gifts, toys and odd wacky stuff such as a horse mask etc. This website consists of creative visual image humor where most of the objects on roads are painted into a funny character. You can check out Archie McPhee’s Geyser of Awesome when you are bored.

12. BuzzFeed

If you are a Facebook freak then you would know this for sure. Apart from extensive Facebook users, even other might know about such cool websites. There are a lot of Gifs, humor on trending news etc. You can find everything from news to pointless stuff here. This has a huge user base so this website now has regional based content too. Check out the BuzzFeed once.

13. Giphy

Gifs are set of images in a video format arranged frame by frame. If you love watching Gifs then you can check out the Gif search engine where you can find every single Gifs. This website can be watched at any time of your day May it be after work, school or late night. Those funny Gifs without sound make you watch them repeatedly. Check out the Gif based cool websites Giphy when you are bored, tired.

14. Stumble Upon

Stumble is one among the cool websites on our list where you can look for facts, information in the field which you like. Such as Photography, Design, Wood chipping, Dance etc. You can select a minimum of 10 such fields of interest and Stumble around for posts related to them. As you stumble you can see various images, videos, posts, articles, Wikipedia pages related to the field of interest.

15. The Useless Web

The useless website very interesting if you have time to kill. This website redirects you to various other useless websites where there is some funny interacting animation, audio, quotes etc. Every time you press Take me to a useless website please this would load a new web page. This can be interesting and one of the cool websites where something new would be there on every single website you would be redirected to. Check out the ‘The Useless Web‘ for more.

 16. The Oatmeal

A popular humor website where you can find drawings, cartoon characters related to real life scenarios and with a humorous element in it. This was created by Mathew Inman. There are posts which are silly but have a page full of content with hilarious content. Some posts also request you to install some apps of such same kind. The Oatmeal is one of the cool websites if you are bored.

17. Cyanide and Happiness

Who doesn’t know about Cyanide and Happiness, everyone must have seen this either on Facebook, WhatsApp forward or on any other social media platform regarding such cartoon based cool websites. You can find sarcasm, humor, comparison with reality in this collage of cartoon drawings. There are books, T-shirts, and other mercs too on Cyanide and Happiness. Check out the cartoons on Cyanide and Happiness.

18. Reddit

Love Reading? This is a community where you can find experiences and life scenarios in the form of comments and reviews on various topics. You can find for the suitable topic you like and start looking for trending, top news on them. There are photos, videos, and GIFs too related to them on such community based cool websites. If you are bored this is one of the cool websites where you can spend your time. Look for Reddit when bored.

19. A Good Movie To Watch

Looking for some good movie? why not, look a movie depending on your mood. On ‘A Good Movie To Watch’, you can find movies on the basis of genre, mood, best on Netflix, random etc. Look for the latest and best movie suitable your mood and watch it when bored or late sleepless night. Check out such movie based cool websites on ‘a good movie to watch and don’t waste time scrolling Facebook timeline.

20. Vieuus 

This is one more visual based cool websites where you can find a lot of interesting videos related to various fields such as science, technology, innovation, animal kingdom, documentary, gaming, automobile etc. Just watch these videos to get rid of boredom. You would be surprised by some of the latest inventions and technology. Watch the best videos on high resolution on Vieuus and suggest your friends too.

21. Engrish

Looking for some hilarious English typos? Engrish is the best place where you can find such images. Engrish is one of the cool websites, with a huge collection of various images where things don’t make any sense but is a good humor. These image collections have grammatical, spelling errors which bring them to a completely different meaning.You can look for such mistakes in various categories such as signs, menus, books etc. Check out the Engrish once.

22. The Moth

Loves to listen to stories? Are you a storyteller kind of person? This is one more cool websites which is suitable for you where you can listen to events and life story of various people across the world. You can narrate your stories and events of your life to others too. There are live events from ‘The Moth’ where you can listen to the stories live. Visit The Moth if you are interested in listening to some life stories.

23. Cracked

This is one of the famous American cool websites which has a lot of humorous content. This website is from the humorous American magazine which dates back to 1958. This is one of the most visited websites with over 300 million monthly. You can look for the best countdown in various topics such as Hollywood, politics, TV shows etc. You would be entertained by this cool website, Cracked whenever bored.

24. XKCD

This is a webcomic from the US author Randoll Munroe. XKCD is based on romance, sarcasm, math, and language which is one among the cool topics to be featured on cool websites. This was begun by Randoll in 2006 when he was working on Robots while in NASA. You can find hilarious cartoon images from this website which is updated every 3 days a week. Check this cool website XKCD and spend your free time and tell us your experience.

25. OMG Facts

You might have seen this ‘Oh My God Facts’ on Facebook and read some factual information. This is one of the cool websites where you can look for some information and facts related events, history, random stuff, and science behind them. You can spend a whole day browsing through this website for facts. Check out OMG Facts, and if you know some facts submit it to OMG Facts to get voted by the audience on their site.

26. Fail Blog

As the name suggests you can see fails from various situations. You will come across with a lot of humorous photos, funny comments or puns. This also has content from ‘I Can Has Cheezbuster’ network. Funny fails are always hilarious because of the coincidence and disastrous situation. Even you can submit some of your fails which you may come across, which would be featured on such cool websites with the tag ‘Fail’ on Fail Blog.

27. MUBI

Looking for good movies? This is the perfect and one among the cool websites to look for some random movies. Mubi uploads 30 movies at a time and is available for streaming. A particular movie once uploaded would be present up to 30 days. One movie would be added daily while one is removed. Throughout the month 30 movies would be present. Now it’s easy for you to choose a movie from Mubi while you are bored.

28. Dont Even Reply . Com

Ever had a funny conversation through email with a friend, stranger, boss etc? Most of the hilarious moments are instantaneous and in a particular coincidence which is the reason, this is considered as one of the cool websites. If you love to read such funny conversations then check this website, Donteventreply.com. If you are bored and looking for something hilarious then this is a perfect website which you can refer to, Dontevenreply.com, tell us your views about this.

29. Damn You Auto Correct

When auto correct changes it to ‘Duck’ every single time, when you mean something else. Ever came across with such funny auto correct moment which changed the meaning of the sentence itself.  This is one such cool websites, based on such auto correct chats. Photos of such hilarious conversations are present on this website. When you get bored after looking into friends status check out Damn You Auto Correct.

30. Awkward Family Photos

Even you might have one such photo where you posed in an awkward way or the pose is out dated and looks awkward. You can find such hilarious photos of the family with their pets posing for a photo on these cool websites. You can notice terrible hair styles, costume themed photos, a recreation of such photos on this website. If you got one such then upload it to Awkward Family Photos.

31. The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s out is one more cool websites based in satirical comedy which included comic strips. This is always fun when you are bored. The humorous moments in these comic strips are based on some on the day to day situations. If you are tired after a lecture, work this would be very relaxing. This is similar to Cyanide and Happiness but not as sarcastic. The Odd 1s Out is satirical and different in humorous content.

32. People Of Walmart

Ever met someone in weird costume at Walmart? Or you were the unique one? This website has such photos of hilarious moments of people in weird outfits, purchasing products etc. These are the images submitted by the customers what they come across when they are at Walmart. Check out more such humorous photos of people shocking dressed in from one of the cool websites, People of Walmart.

33. Cool Interesting Stuff

A cool website featured on the list of cool websites with the name Cool Interesting Stuff. Yes, this website has some mind blowing interesting stuff related to mystery, Space, Alien, Conspiracies, Abandoned stuff and much more. So this would be perfect if you are finding hard to get some sleep. You would be sleeping soon or may find something mysterious around you. Check out Cool Interesting Stuff for more.

34. Wait But Why

This website is both informative as well as funny to pass some time. There are latest and trending news being explained in a hilarious manner, while there are funny cartooned images too. If you have time to kill then refer to this website and look for the factual, knowledgeable and hilarious posts. If you got something interesting then send to Wait But Why and it would be featured on this cool website.

35. The Chive

This is quite similar to BuzzFeed but is the best means to pass time and get away from boredom. They call themselves as the best site in the world but if you haven’t heard about it then check it out. They have hilarious posts, videos, photos, countdown articles etc. Apart from the website, there is Chive, iChive, and lot more. If you got something interesting the upload on The Chive and get featured on one of the cool websites.

36. I Waste So Much Time

As the name suggests this website would drag your time and waste it once you browse through it. There is no textual content on it, it just has images, videos, and cartoons with funny tags and embedded texts. You can refer to this while you have some short breaks and relax your mind. They are mostly based on politics, funny animals, cartoon shows etc. If you have time then browse I Waste So Much Time.

37. Forgotify

You might be familiar with Spotify where you would get the list of top music and best-known musicians. While Forgotify is a website where you can look for music from artists who aren’t much popular yet but produce great music. It gives a recognition and stage to bring out their talent. If you love music then check out Forgotify to look for the best-underrated music talents.

38. Attack Of The Cute

Are you an animal lover like me? Then this would be the best website which I would recommend to you. As the name of the website says you would be attacked by the cuteness of animals and make you go “Awwww”. These photos of cute pets would melt your heart even if you are having a worse day. If you love pets then check the cool website Attack Of The Cute and thank me later.

39. Akinator

This is a web genie who would guess the personality or fictional character in your mind. You can think of any person in this world may it be a celebrity, politician, famous scientist, inventor, game character etc. This would ask you a couple of question and tries to deduce the character from your answer. If you got spare time check out such cool websites, and look for your favorite character on Akinator.

40. 100,000 Stars

This would be one the coolest on our list of cool websites. This is a mind blowing website which can be referred to see the stars and galaxies of our universe, Andromeda. You can zoom into the stars, solar system and look for the planetary motion. Zooming out would show you the solar system, milky way, thousands of stars. You can select the play option on the top left and watch the complete Universe on your screen. Don’t miss out the website 100,000 Stars.

I hope these cool websites would be helpful to you as they are filled with fun, entertainment, science, movies, facts and much more. You can bookmark this article and refer to them whenever you feel bored. It not only help you get rid of boredom but also get some knowledge. You can suggest your friends regarding the article so that it would be helpful for them too. Check out the other tech news on newsient.com for latest and trending news.