India is among some of the biggest, most critical markets when it comes to the world of smartphone technology. There have been a number of changes that the Indian markets have witnessed over the past several years. However, even in times of global slowdowns, the markets have grown. Xiaomi which was slipping in its own home country, China, finds solace in the rapid sales in India. Meanwhile, another China based brand has much to be happy about in the Indian smartphone markets. Lenovo, as per stats from International Data Corporation’s stats, is now the 2nd largest smartphone vendor in India by value.

The statistics count Lenovo and their subsidiary, Motorola as a single brand. Together, the two have taken over India’s local brand, Micromax. Leading the charts on the numero uno levels is still Samsung. By Volume, Lenovo holds 7.7% of the Indian smartphone markets, but by Value, they stand in at 9.074%. This has helped them just inch past Apple, who hold the markets at number 3 position, with 9.070% of the markets by value.

This, however, has a major impact on the smartphone industry. The numbers do not lie, and it indicates that Lenovo and Motorola, who sell their smartphones solely online, have surpassed the likes of Micromax, who have a major offline presence in the Indian markets.

A number of China based brands have been doing exceedingly well in India. Xiaomi, as mentioned above, is breaking several records in the Indian smartphone markets. There are also brands like Vivo and Le Eco, as well as China’s market leader, Oppo, who have been doing well in the Indian smartphone markets. However, when it comes to looking at the markets by volume, Samsung ranks number one again, at 25.1% of the markets, followed by Micromax at 12.9% of the markets. Lenovo here comes in at number 3, with 7.7% of the markets.