Details on Edge Sensors of HTC U 11 Leaked


HTC is all set to hold their next big event on the 16th of May where they would launch their flagship HTC U 11 smartphone. This phone has been the subject of numerous leaks. Over the past several months HTC was suspected to come out with a new smartphone codenamed HTC Ocean. The device is now going to be announced in less than a week from now. What is perhaps the most exciting detail about the phone has leaked today- let us take a look at the edge sensors of the phone.

The HTC U 11 comes with edge sensors which make it ‘squeezable’. The edges of the phone can be pressed to access certain functions quickly. Users would be able to set the power of their grip which would help them ‘squeeze’ the edges and help the phone identify when the user is trying to invoke a certain action.

The edge sensors of the HTC U 11 allows the users to set up not just the power of the grip but also the duration of the grip (short squeeze/long squeeze), etc. Multiple actions are possible by squeezing the edge sensors of the HTC U 11. HTC also notes that the edge sensors may not work with some device covers so keep that in mind before you buy them!

The HTC U 11 is expected to come out with the Snapdragon 835 processor, along with 6GB of RAM and 64/128 GB of storage space. This is going to be the most powerful HTC phone ever, and HTC Hopes to bounce back into the markets with this one. However, naysayers are afraid that this experiment with the edge sensors might fall flat on its face and may end up as LG’s G5 which was pitched along the lines of being a modular smartphone, but was a disaster in the end.