False Advertising: Vivo V7+ May Not Feature The Promised 24MP Camera


Vivo is among the biggest names when it comes to smartphone players in India. The brand was a relatively unknown entity until a few years ago. Of late they have been investing heavily when it comes to advertising in India. Their latest launch is that of the Vivo V7 and Vivo V7+. The V7+ banks on the fact that it comes out with a massive, 24 MP camera. However, reports indicate that this might be a lie.

Vivo launched the Vivo V7+ earlier this week and it was heavily promoted on social media. Celebrity endorsements, outdoor ads and everything glamorous was used to promote the 24 MP front camera on the phone. The phone has been crafted for the selfie lovers. Of late Vivo and Oppo have been introducing selfie-oriented smartphones which have a bigger front camera than the back camera.

The Vivo V7+ offers a front camera of 24 Megapixels while it offers a 16 MP camera on the back. At least this is what the phone offers on paper. However, the surprising part of this is that the Vivo V7+ is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 430 processor. Every processor has a limit when it comes to the camera resolution that it supports.

The Qualcomm website indicates that the Snapdragon 450 supports a resolution of a maximum of 21 MP or a dual camera of 13MP + 13MP. When checked with the help of some benchmark applications, Vinay Gowda, the man behind StoriesIO found that the Vivo V7+ camera actually sports a resolution of just 19.7 MP which is actually quite different when compared to the promised 24 MP camera.

This leads to two conclusions - either Vivo V7+ does not use the camera they promised or they do not use the processor they promised. Either of these scenarios do not look appropriate and Vivo might be in for a world of trouble if this is proven to be a case of false advertising. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the story.

This harms not only the Vivo brand but other similar China based brands which are doing business in India such as Xiaomi and Oppo. We hope Vivo replies to this and clears the air up.