Bing Search App Gets a Major Revamp on Android


Microsoft has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of software technology. The company has been around for a really long while, and has been bringing forward numerous updates and upgrades to the way we know the markets of technology to be. Over the past few years Microsoft has been working hard on promoting their Bing Search. Microsoft’s latest update comes to the Bing Search app for Android users.

With this new update, Microsoft has undone everything that we knew about Bing Search and has now introduced a brand-new User Interface. The company has now introduced newer colors, as well as a UI which is simple and easy to use. This is perhaps one final try from Microsoft to get more people to use the app as the revamp is pretty significant and involves a lot of change to the older app.

In addition to the colors, another major feature that comes in is that of customization. Microsoft now allows the users to customize the font style and font size of the Bing Search app. Moreover, users can also set a background of their choice. Together, these features ensure that the users get a custom search experience which they are comfortable with.

Moreover, the Bing Search app is now ‘richer’ than before. The app provides the users with the kind of data that adds value to what they are looking for. For example, searching for restaurants will now show you ratings and reviews as well. Same goes with various other kinds of searches like movie and music. This latest update makes information more relevant than ever before. A section now shows trending GIFs and also allows users to download them. Stay tuned with us on Newsient for more updates on Microsoft, as well as Android apps.