India as a country is going through a major revolution when it comes to technology. The country is witnessing a major shift of gears, and the markets are now getting ready for a 4G revolution. This revolution has been sparked off by Reliance Jio, and is all set to change the way the Indian consumers use internet. With Reliance Jio coming in, 4G data has become not only affordable but also accessible. The latest name to cash-in on 4G speeds is that of Micromax, one of the top names in Indian smartphone markets.

The company will now be launching four new 4G smartphones, which will releases with Google Duo pre-loaded into them. India is getting ready for the festive season, which begins in October, and lasts until the end of the year. With festivals like Navratras, Dusshera, Diwali and Christmas coming in, India is getting into a shopping spree. Micromax now plans to release these four smartphones at a price of less than $100 each.

The company has now teamed up with Google, and will be pre-loading the Google Duo app in these four phones of theirs. “Video calling is perceived to be a very urban phenomenon and niche but at Micromax, we believe that there is a huge potential to massify the service by taking it beyond the tier 1 markets where Micromax has an unmatched edge,” Co-founder Vikas Jain told PTI.

These smartphones will help the company take the Google Duo app to a very large number of Indian smartphone users. India is a country where video calling has not been adapted in a real mass-scale, and Facetime and Skype are not as popular as in the west. Google would ideally like to capture the untapped potential of the Indian smartphone markets with the Google Duo app coming pre-installed with Micromax smartphones.