Tinder is among some of the biggest names when it comes to dating apps. The app has been around for a while, and is massively popular. It is a uniquely successful app and has a global presence. They have been introducing a number of updates and upgrades to the app. The last big update saw the release of Tinder Social, which would allow groups to hang out with each other. However, the company now has a social polling app for iMessages – Tinder Stacks.

The amazing thing about Tinder Stacks is that it allows the users to swipe right on everything. Tinder is heavily cashing-in on their ‘swipe to like’ phenomenon, as it has become a popular feature. With this Tinder Stacks app, the users can just swipe right to show them liking something. While the app does come off as a new app altogether, it is actually integrated with the main Tinder application. The app is available to use only in iMessage and can be used to ask your friends who own an iPhone about their opinion certain things.

Users can send their friends a group of images where the friends can swipe right on the ones they like the most. Now be it selecting a new profile photo, or deciding what clothes to wear, users can easily click pictures and send it across to friends for quick suggestions. The app is quite easy to use too.

Those who already have Tinder installed on their iPhone would automatically see the app appear in iMessages. However if the users have turned the setting of ‘automatically add apps to imessage’ off, they would not get this feature and would have to manually allow Tinder Stacks to be used on the Tinder app. Tinder Stacks is expected to help reach Tinder beyond those using it for dating purposes. This is indeed a good move from Tinder.