India is a market where a large number of consumers are cost conservative. The country is known for its value-for-money spending habits, and over the years they have changed from being a highly conservative market to a country which can spend with a slightly more open-hand than ever before. Among many changing habits in the Indian subcontinent, one of the major changes that is being observed in the recent years is that the consumers are slowly adapting the cab services. While auto-rickshaws and cycle-rickshaws continue being a prominent force in the country, Ola, Meru Cabs and Uber India too, are slowly making name for themselves.

Uber, especially has been a major force in the Indian markets. The company has been working hard to battle immense competition from local players. Uber India has now introduced a new feature, it now allows the users to book a cab in advance. This scheduling of rides has been a majorly demanded feature in the app. With the arrival of ride scheduling in Uber, the company is expected to get major support from Indian markets.

Uber India has been in quite a few controversies in the past. However, in the recent months, they have been doing really well. The company was often criticized for the lack of this feature. However, they have introduced this with a bang. Uber India now has a ride sharing feature, and the users can book it up to as much as one month in advance!

The company has stated that the standard cancellation charges would still apply to these advance booked rides. In addition to that, Uber India has made it quite clear that dynamic pricing too will be applicable as and when it is needed. However, this feature is expected to give Uber a major lead in terms of user acquisition as well as retention.