China is among some of the most important markets when it comes to smartphone sales. The country accounts for a very large number of sales owing to its large population. The largest population in the world, China attracts a number of companies to set up their business there. Samsung is among the biggest names when it comes to the world of smartphone technology. The company has been concentrating on the smartphone markets of China. The company has been releasing a number of new smartphones specifically for China, and the Samsung Galaxy C series of devices are the latest in line. Samsung is now reported to be working on the Samsung Galaxy C9 smartph0one, a device with a massive 6GB of RAM.

The RAM specs were spotted in the benchmark listings. A smartphone was spotted with the model number SM-C9000 on popular benchmarking website, Geekbench. The listings showcase the device featuring a 6 inched screen. In addition to this, it is being speculated that the smartphone might also come out with an octa-core Qualcomm CPU clocked at 1.4GHz.

However what particularly interests us is the fact that this smartphone features a massive 6GB of RAM! This ranks it higher than all the other Samsung smartphones, as even the flagships are releasing with 4GB of RAM. This would make the Samsung Galaxy C9 the first ever device to release with 6GB of RAM. Samsung, however, has been trying really hard to penetrate into the Chinese markets.

In the past, Samsung had also released Samsung Galaxy C5 and the Samsung Galaxy C7 smartphones. Both the devices features 32 and 64GB of storage space. As of now the details about the Samsung Galaxy C9 are limited, but it is expected that the smartphone would release with a larger storage space, perhaps 64GB and 128GB variants. Stay tuned with us, and we shall update you on when this gen-next Samsung Galaxy C series smartphone releases.