Back in July and shortly after the game’s release, it was suggested that maybe Pokemon GO had peaked in the market. This was followed by a report in August which suggested that the number of daily active players of the game was on a steady and relentless decline, but given the game’s meteoric rise, we attributed the decline to more of a normalization of the player base.

However it seems things might be getting worse for Niantic. According to a report from Slice Intelligence (via Attack of the Fanboy), they are reporting that the number of paying customers are on the decline as well. This is looking at the US market in which according to Slice Intelligence, the game’s paying population has declined by a whopping 79%.

However despite dropping by a staggering 79%, it seems that the game continues to lead in terms of in-app purchases, with Pokemon GO accounting for 28.4% of all in-game revenue generated across all mobile games for the month of August. Coming in second place would be 4.5% by Candy Crush Saga, so despite the decline it looks like Pokemon GO is pretty much crushing the competition.

Last we heard, the game had managed to make more than $440 million in revenue which is pretty impressive since the game is free-to-play. It is unclear as to what Niantic can do to bring paying gamers back into the fold, but we suppose what goes up must eventually come down.

The game had touched the hearts of almost every kid from the nineties. That was one of the main reasons for the absolute meteoric rise of the Pokemon Go. But since that generation has grown and can only give so much time to the game it can be understood that the game will be heading in decline. Comment below and let us know if you still play Pokemon Go or not.