Are The ‘Shot on iPhone‚Äô ads Tricking You? Know The Truth Behind Shot on iPhone Campaigns


The iPhone camera is one of the most revered cameras when it comes to smartphones. The iPhone camera is so good that there have been ad campaigns which showcase photos and videos captured by the phone. It is one of the highlights of the device and Apple keeps improving their camera technology every year. However, while the iPhone camera is really good, is it actually as good as the shot on iPhone ad campaign claims it is? Taking a closer look at the fine print tells a different story.

The Truth Behind Shot on iPhone Ad Campaign

The devil lies in the details. If you closely observe these commercials or hoardings, the fine print on it reads, additional equipment and software used. Technically Apple does shoot these photos and videos on iPhones, however they have been enhanced with the help of various tools. These enhanced videos make use of two major tools:

  • Add-on lenses
  • Image Stabilizers

Let us take a detailed look at these two modes of enhancing the video.

Add-on Lenses

Various lenses are often used by video makers to make sure they get the right shot. These lenses come in various sizes and shapes. Some lenses are clip-on lenses which can be clipped over the phone and be adjusted upon the camera, while some of them come with their own cases and holsters. These lenses fit exactly upon the camera and provide the perfect picture. Apple’s shot on iPhone campaign makes use of such lenses to get the kind of shots that they provide.

Image Stabilizers

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) is a popular feature present in many smartphones these days. However, creating these perfect, high-end videos does need a high-end level of image stabilization. To get this kind of a stable image, sometimes users need to make use of image stabilizers.

To create a video like the shot on iPhone ads, users need to make use of these external image stabilizers. Sometimes while making use of larger lenses, larger stabilizers (meant for DSLR cameras) are to be used.

Final Verdict: Shot on iPhone Ads

The shot on iPhone commercials are indeed shot on iPhones. However, this is a matter of technicality. Using just the iPhone camera, you can perhaps never create a video as impressive as the ones you see. There is indeed a need of external equipment such as image stabilizers and external lenses.

While Apple is not being unethical when it comes to these commercials, it is a means to lure customers into buying the device as they might not read the fine print, or not be able to fully interpret it. Do keep this in mind the next time you watch a Shot on iPhone commercial.