Membit: A New Way To Share Memories


Augmented Reality is one of the hottest trends in the world of technology at the moment. It has been around for a few years now, but apart from facial filters and games like Pokemon Go, there seems to be the lack of a solid use case so far. However, developers are catching up now and are coming out with some unique ideas. Membit is one such unique idea which brings in a new way to share memories. Membit allows you to travel through time via AR! Let us take a closer look:

What is the Membit App?

Do you ever visit a place and wonder if other people have visited the same spot and thought the same things? Do you think who will visit here after you go, and what will their impression of the place be like? Membit allows you to leave a little bit of yourself in the place you are at.

Membit allows users to create ‘memories’ and pin it on a map. Basically, if you create a memory near the Eiffel Tower, the next time anyone visits Paris and they open the Membit app and point their app where you stood, they can see you even if you were there 10 years ago. This app basically allows you to leave a digital footprint across the sands of time.

Membit takes Augmented Reality to a whole new level and allows the users to create a more personal experience for their friends and family, as well as for those who visit the place for the first time. The concept as well as the execution are both really cool. The app was making news earlier this year after Shazam’s James Pearson joined them. The app is available only for the iPhone and iPad devices at the moment. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the app.

Check out Membit on the app store.