Are you single, lonely and desperate? Are you a gym-going, travel-loving, male, or a ‘sapiosexual’ female with a strong ‘wanderlust’ instinct? Basically, if you are a Tinder user, and are looking forward to date, the company has now introduced a new feature for the users – Tinder Boost. The feature now allows the users to move ahead and reach the top of the stack. While we do tend to poke fun at Tinder users from time to time, one can never deny the fact that Tinder has revolutionized the way we look at dating and meeting new people. This was never as mainstream as it now is, and much of it is due to Tinder.

With this new feature introduced, the company is looking forward towards getting more and more users to engage with the app, and to engage with the app for longer durations. Tinder Boost will put your card on the top of the Tinder stack, and would essentially make you one of the first few candidates in your nearby areas. The feature is paid in the app, and is available only in Australia as of now. The pricing details still remain unclear for this feature.

Tinder Boost allows the users to remain on the top of the deck for 30 minutes. Tinder says that using this feature would help get the users up to 10 times more profile views. Moreover, the company will also provide the users with statistical data of how many views did a user get. However, there are two major drawbacks of the Tinder Boost feature – while in popular, metro cities, there might be a number of users using this feature. In cities where Tinder is less popular, 30 minutes might be a small time to get proper results. This is indeed an innovative move from the company and will help them retain and engage with more users, as well as make more money over time.