Twitter for Android Gets an Automatic Night Mode


The world of social media is largely dominated by Facebook, followed by Twitter. Twitter has been struggling for market share for quite a while now. The company has been bringing forward several changes to the way the markets of technology function. Twitter recently redesigned their entire UI to a more rounded look and feel. The company had introduced a night mode a few months ago, and Twitter for Android is now getting a new update which introduces an automatic night mode.

Night Mode is one of the most common features present in a number of apps. This mode inverts the contrast of the display, and makes text white while it makes the background a comfortable shade of blue. With the night mode on Twitter, it is easier to read tweets at the night time without straining your eyes much. Some users prefer using it in the day time as well. However, for those who were switching it on and off every day and every night, it has now become easier as Twitter for Android now has an automatic night mode.

The automatic night mode functions just as the name suggests. This new feature comes out with the Twitter for Android 7.2 update. This update has rolled out for the users of Twitter for Android and might soon be coming out for the iOS users as well. After you open your app for the first time after this update, the app will ask you if you “want night mode to work automatically?”

Similar timed features for a comfortable display are also present in the Android OS with the night lights as well as the iOS. Twitter’s latest update shows their commitment towards their users and that they are committed to the users even when things aren’t really going so well. Stay tuned with us for more updates on Twitter.