Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: A List of New Features


Microsoft, with the Windows 10 OS has been bringing forward a number of updates and upgrades. The company has promised two updates every year: One in spring and another in fall. The Windows 10 Fall Creators update which is scheduled for this year is expected to showcase a number of changes.

What Microsoft aims with this update is to bring some sort of uniformity across platforms. When Windows 10 was announced, Microsoft had stated their intentions towards rolling out a cross-platform support in the long run. This seems to be coming out with the Windows 10 OS Fall Creators Update. Here’s a list of changes that will come along with this gen-next Windows 10 OS update later this year:

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update: What’s New

Microsoft is all set to bring forward the following changes in their next generation update of the Windows 10 OS:

Fluent Design System

The Windows UI is all set to get an interesting change. Windows has just introduced the fluent design system, which brings in a much needed element of transparency into the mix. Various lighting, depth, motion, materials, scale, and typography improvements are also coming with this improvement to the design. The fluent design system would come into action with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.


Another major new feature that Microsoft intends to bring forward with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is that of the Timeline. This feature will showcase on-screen cards which will display various activities from the present and past. This feature will work across devices, including Android and iOS devices. As noted above, this cross platform support is one of the biggest ambitions of Microsoft with this update.

Pick Up From Where You Left Off

A feature that allow the users to continue documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc. from where they left off on their Android or iOS devices, this is another feature aimed at bringing in some much needed cross-platform harmony! It makes use of Cortana on your phone, which will ask you if you want to continue your work on your PC.

Cloud Powered Clipboard

Microsoft has introduced some changes to the classic clipboard as well. In one of the cooler features, you can now copy from your PC and paste it on to your phone! This has been achieved with the SwiftKey and WordFlow keyboards becoming graph-aware. Office apps are going to get an updated clipboard which can store multiple images at once (including previously copied images) - this is quite a refreshing change.

My People

This feature was earlier expected to release for the Windows 10 Creators Update that came out a few months ago. However, it didn’t really roll out then, but it is now going to come out with this Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. This feature basically allows the users to pin their favorite or frequently contacted contacts with various social profiles linked for direct, fast communication.

Basically, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update aims at bringing a cross platform harmony, and that it does a good job of. There’s quite some time for the update to roll out, and Microsoft might have more surprises up their sleeve! Stay tuned.