Based in China, Xiaomi is indeed a major name when it comes to the markets of smartphone technology. There have been a number of speculations and rumors regarding the company facing major losses, but they have all remained speculations. The facts however, are that Xiaomi is among the top 5 smartphone manufacturing companies in the world as per market share.  The company operates only in China, their home country, and India. However, they have been eyeing an American expansion for quite a while, and are finally expected to kick off this campaign in the early months of 2017. However, till then, the company has a lot more to do in the two markets they operate in. Up next from Xiaomi is expected to be the Mi Note 2.

The Mi Note 2 is anticipated to release with some of the most impressive, power-packed specs. The company has been working hard on coming out with the perfect combinations for this smartphone, and the device is speculated to release with major specs such as a 6GB RAM and up to 128GB of built-in storage. Xiaomi is anticipated to bring a number of changes in the way things work.

However, the biggest question that surrounds the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is the release date. There have been a number of rumors that surround the smartphone’s release. In the past it was speculated that this device might be coming out in mid-September. 14th of September being the speculated date. However, newer leaked images have shown that the smartphone would actually release 10 days later, i.e. on the 24th.

This leaked image comes to us via The Indian Express. However, nothing has been confirmed by Xiaomi as of now. We advise our readers to take it with a pinch of salt till an official announcement rolls in. It might also be possible that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 comes out on the 14th, and goes for sale on the 24th. The times are indeed exciting, and the picture is expected to get much clearer in the days to follow.