Technology is expanding at a greater extent all around the world. There are some of the things happening that are too hard to believe. Here we are talking about the Turing Phone Cadenza, the best smartphone all over the world. The Turing Phone Cadenza is announced by TRI(Turning Robotics Industries) in one mailing list and by some of the reports made by AndroidPolice.

Moving towards the specifications of the amazing device, the smartphone is powered by two Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 chipsets. The device is said to have a 5.8inch display with 2580×1440 pixel resolution. The awesome specs of the phone include 12GB of RAM. THne Smartphone offers 1TB of total storage with two 256GB of inbuilt memory installed in it and has two slots to expand it to 1TB by installing two 256GB external MicroSD cards. As per reports by PhoneArena, the Snapdragon supports only 8GB RAM, so to install 12GB RAM you need two devices.

Approaching towards the other mind blowing features of the device, the phone is set to have the rear camera of 60MP with quad sensor array and there will be two 10MP cameras on the front which keep the device to deliver 20MP  dual sensor array. The smartphone will feature three batteries, one 2400mAh graphene superconductor battery, the second is 1600mAh lithium ion battery and a hydrogen fuel cell. The kind of battery setup will deliver a whole  The device sports 4 SIM slots with and audio has been powered by Marshall London Global Equaliser. The device will run on Swordfish OS which contains deep learning AI, running a neural network having natural language processing and differential privacy and all these things will be based on Sailfish OS.

The Smartphone will have a special feature called ” Voice on Technology” by which you will be able to control the device with the help of voice commands. There is no further description about the price of the device. The device will hit the smartphone world in 2017.