Reliance Jio is one of the  biggest projects by the Reliance Industries, which claims to bring big revolution in the Digital India Mission. Today, Reliance Industries have held an Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the chairperson Mukesh Ambani made very crucial announcement regarding the Reliance Jio 4G services in the country.

Reliance Jio initially rolled out the “Preview Offer” in which user have to buy the LYF Smartphone and Jio SIM, then the user will get unlimited Data and voice calls for the upcoming 90 days. Also, this offer was valid for some major smartphones too. However, before a week or so, company has made this offer for all the major smartphones, Where the customer has to Generate code “Get Jio Sim” and then to submit KYC documents to any of the Reliance Digital or Digital Express Mini Stores and will get the free Jio Sim.

According to some of the announcement at AGM, Mukesh Ambani has Listed the main five pillars of RJio Services:

  1. Network:  Almost all the Service Providers are focusing on the voice, but not the data.  There is only one language and that is the language of the internet. We will cover over 90 percent of population till March 2017. Largest network in the world today. Largest VoLTE network in the world. We can transform India from High data rate market to lowest data from all over the  world.
  2.  Devices: About 70% of the devices that are sold in India are 4G LTE.Chairperson announced all the LYF Smartphones having prices starting from Rs 2999 and going up to Rs 5999. Also announced Jio LTE router for just Rs 1999.
  3. Content: Jio TV will have around 300 channels,While Jio Cinema will have  1,00,000 episodes of TV series along with 600 movies. JioMusic will have 1 Million free songs and by Jio Money you can go cashless. All these apps will be free for the users until December 2017.
  4. Services: A redesigned Sign up will start today in Mumbai and Delhi. This system will also start in other cities in few weeks. E-KYC will give you the working Connection with Aadhar Card in Just 15 mins.
  5. Tariff: Jio has introduced tariff plans on three important principles. First is, Customer has to pay for single service i.e either voice calls or data. So here, the voice call will be free across India. Second is, Data rate will be affordable. Jio will have base rate 1/10 of the market. Rates will be 5 paise for an MB, which means 50 Rs per GB. The rates are lowest in the world. Third and the last one , there will be only 10 tariff plans. Also stated , there will be no Blackout Dates.

Some of the  major announcements made by the Mukesh Ambani are as follows:

  • Jio app booking will be available at Rs 15000, for now, it is free until December 2017.
  • Students will get 25 percent more data on Jio tariff plans.
  • If you use more data, your price will reduce to 25Rs/ GB.
  • Jio is launching various Wi-Fi spots in India. Jio will provide best calling rates for international calls.
  • Jio will announce High-Tariff Plans for Global citizens and best international calling plans for its platinum users.
  • Now do “data giri” user can view the best plans for their usage.
  • From 5th of September. All the Jio users will get Unlimited Data and Calls until 31st December 2016.

Wrapping it up, with the announcement of 4G plans across the country the company wants to make the fulfill the dream of Price Minister Narendra Modi regarding the Digital India Mission.