Google has previously announced that google will no longer to use the Nexus keyword for its upcoming smartphones and will use different branding which will be packed with latest Android Nougat 7.0. Earlier, it was claimed that Google will release the smartphones in September. As per some of the reports, Google is going to unveil its latest devices on October 4. The devices will be now re-branded with names Pixel and Pixel XL respectively.

As per the reports by AndroidPolice, the size of Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone will be 5inch and 5.5inch respectively. The devices will be manufactured by HTC. According to the latest reports,the price of both the devices will be higher as compared to Nexus devices.The price of the 5inch Sailfish device will be $449(roughly Rs. 30,000) while the price of 5.5inch Marlin device will be $599 (roughly Rs. 40,100).

Google, apart from its smartphones, the company is also  expected to unveil its brand new Chromecast which can stream 4K Videos and also can be dubbed into Chromecast Ultra or Chromecast Plus. It is also expected that Google is going to unveil it’s Daydream VR viewer device. As per some rumours, the device may have name Daydream View.

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai said earlier in this year as “opinionated” approach to design. “There’s a lot of software innovation to be had.” Google will introduce its Fresh New Launcher and various Google Assistance Features.