Google is on quite a roll. The company has been coming out with a number of updates and upgrades in the past several months. There have been a number of changes which have been brought forward, and the company is behind most of them. Off late, a major speculation has been surrounding the company. Google has allegedly decided to kill the Nexus brand, and will be replacing it with their new brand of smartphones, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL devices.

The company is now reworking their branding game. The end of Nexus smartphones was anticipated for quite a while. However, it finally looks like it is actually going to happen. The Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones are anticipated to launch on the 4th of October. It is going to be a big day for Google, as the company introduces a fresh series of smartphones. Google is now setting foot in the hardware business, and Apple should be sweating over it!

The Google Pixel XL smartphone has been spotted on the Geekbench benchmark listings as Google Marlin. The company is expected to release the device with 4GB of RAM, along with a Qualcomm processor, clocked in at 1.59GHz. It is anticipated that the processor would be that of the Snapdragon 820. There were rumors in the past that Google might release the new smartphones with the Snapdragon 821 processor, but that plan has since been dropped.

As of this moment these are the only details which have been revealed via the Geekbench listings. Interestingly, the Geekbench listings show the Google Pixel XL as the Google Marlin smartphone. The company is expected to also launch a new Google Chromecast device, as well as the much awaited Google Daydream VR headset at the same event. Expect more information about the smartphones and the event to roll out in the weeks to follow as we draw closer to the release date.