Huawei AI Chip Teased; IFA 2017 Launch Expected


Huawei is a brand which is growing with every passing day. The largest phone-maker in the markets of China, Huawei has become a major global brand since Nexus 6P. The company is now tapping into newer technologies, and is reportedly working on a dedicated chip for AI. This Huawei AI Chip has begun being teased on social media by the company. Two images have been shared by the company so far which hint towards this chip.

The first Tweet from Huawei attacks the common perception of how we know AI to be. The company states that AI is more than just a digital assistant. In the second image, Huawei talks about deeper questions about AI. The image reads, It’s time to re-think what AI means, what it does, where it lives and how it enhances your life. #MyAI.

In these two hints, Huawei indicates that they are doing something which is more than the traditional AI, and with the ‘where it lives’ reference, it is perhaps pointing at their new AI Chip. This Huawei AI Chip is likely to be shown off at the IFA 2017 event later in August in Berlin, Germany.

Huawei is all set to launch their gen-next smartphone, the Huawei Mate 10 in the months to follow. This phone is expected to be the first one to get the Huawei AI Chip. The announcement of this chip is likely to be made alongside the Kirin 970 processor that will power the phone. AI has traditionally been known as something straight out of science fiction. However, it is becoming more real than it ever was. AI is writing poems, and developing its own language!

At this crucial juncture of time where AI is expanding its potential, the Huawei AI Chip is all set to make our phones smarter than they ever were. It would be interesting to see what the company has to offer after all. Stay tuned with us for more details on this.