LG G7 All Set To Launch With Snapdragon 845 Processor


LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the LG G7 is already in the news. The phone, which is expected to be announced during next years’ Mobile World Congress event, is all set to come out into the markets with many new features, the highlight of which would be its processor - the Snapdragon 845. LG’s gen-next smartphone would run on Qualcomm’s gen-next processor.

Reportedly, LG and Qualcomm are all set to begin working together for this over the next few months, and that LG will indeed feature this new processor in their 2018 flagship. LG has already begun this process because they do not want incidents like this year, where the LG G6 was forced to use last years’ Snapdragon 821 processor. While LG wanted the Snapdragon 835 for the LG G6, Samsung had hoarded enough stock for the Samsung Galaxy S8 which would lead to a shortage for all other phones.

However, with the LG G7, LG wants to ensure everything goes right. When it comes to the US markets, LG just hit a record high. They now hold a 20% market share in the US markets, their highest ever. Statistically, it means one in every 5 smartphones would be an LG smartphone. This was a statistic before the LG G6 hit the markets, it is all set to get an even bigger boost following that.

LG G7 making it to the news already is not a surprising news as companies work months in advance to ensure best of specs and features. Samsung is already working on next years’ Samsung Galaxy S9, while Huawei too has begun work on the Huawei P11 and Huawei Mate 11 smartphones of 2018.

Talking of the Snapdragon 845, it is a tentative name. The chip is expected to be as much as 30% better when compared to the current Qualcomm flagship, the Snapdragon 835. Stay tuned with us for more updates.