Google Planning on Adding Red-Tinted Night Lights Mode for ChromeOS


Google has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of internet technology. The company started off as just a search engine but has since expanded into various other spectrums in the markets of technology, and has become a global giant in various fields of work. The company has entered into hardware and software business as well, and are doing really well. The ChromeOS, one of their most ambitious software projects, is soon going to get a new update. This new update will bring the Night Lights mode for ChromeOS.

Development work on the ChromeOS has really accelerated in the past few days. Yesterday it was announced that Google is going to give the users more control on choosing what closing the lid does on a device running ChromeOS. Today the news of night lights mode for ChromeOS devices has come out.

The night lights mode, for those wondering, was introduced with the Android Nougat OS and was a feature which was a prominent part of the Google Pixel smartphones. The feature allows the users to adjust the tint of their phones to a warm red which is easy on the eyes and does not cause excessive strain. This is especially useful at night time. Night Lights mode for ChromeOS is soon going to be a reality.

While the night lights mode for ChromeOS is indeed a welcome news, it is not applicable at all times. For example people who work in graphics or those who need color accuracy in their profession would not find it comfortable. Aside from that however, it is a welcome move. The update has been pushed via the Canary Channel, and it is expected to take a few months at the least, before it becomes a stable update. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the ChromeOS.