Can the iPad Pro Replace the MacBook Pro?


We have been witnessing a change in the way a traditional PC functions. Over the past few years, the definition of ‘PC’ as we know it is changing. From being the large, bulky setup which came with a monitor, a CPU, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals. For some it might be a laptop that they carry around. However, these definitions are now changing. The PC is shrinking. Convertibles and 2-in-1 devices are picking pace. In times like these the question that surrounds Apple is - could the iPad Pro replace the MacBook Pro eventually?

In times where people have begun to use portable devices functioning as full-fledged PCs, the iPad Pro might seem like a good replacement for the MacBook Pro. But is it practical? Let us dive deeper into the matter and take a comparative look at both these devices:

MacBook Pro

Apple’s MacBook Pro line of laptops have been around for eleven and a half years now. These devices have received various updates from time to time, and the hardware has been upgraded to match the needs of the modern day PC user. It used to come out in 13, 15 and 17 inched variants, but the 17 inched MacBook Pro has been discontinued. The latest update to the laptop was announced last year, when Apple introduced the fourth generation MacBook Pro laptops - where they had a touch bar.

There were a number of changes to this device, first and the biggest of them all was the inclusion of the touchbar. This ‘touchbar’ was essentially an OLED strip that was placed on top of the keyboards and replaced the function keys. The power button now had a touch ID sensor on top of it, and a larger trackpad was also included. If you are a MacBook Pro user, do you ever ponder on this thought that can the iPad Pro replace the MacBook Pro some day?

iPad Pro

The latest generation iPad Pro device was introduced during the recent WWDC 2017 event. This device was originally launched in 12.9 and 9.7 inched variants, but at this years’ WWDC Apple discontinued the 9.7 inched device and introduced a new 10.5 inched iPad Pro. The iPad has been Apple’s flagship tablet which has come out in a number of variants over the years. the iPad Pro has been around since 2015 and has been quite popular due to its large size.

Can the iPad Pro Replace The MacBook Pro?

Let us now get to the big question. Is it possible for Apple to some day replace their MacBook Pro series of devices entirely with the iPad Pro devices? Yes, and No. Yes, it is possible and it can happen. However, practically speaking it might be a rather absurd move from the company, hence no it must not happen.

When we talk about why Apple should replace the MacBook Pro with the iPad Pro - the biggest advantage that we get is that of portability. With the screen size of the iPad devices increasing, the Pro variant comes out with a nearly 13 inched display, which is as big as the smaller MacBook devices. In addition to that, the iPad devices are lightweight, and are easy to carry around as well when compared to a MacBook. Users can easily attach a keyboard and begin to use the device as a 2-in-1 of sorts.

However these are pretty much the only benefits that the iPad Pro has over the MacBook Pro. The fact of the matter is that a laptop has far more processing power when compared to a tablet. While technology is improving with every passing day and devices like the Surface Pro are doing exceedingly well, they have specifically been created as computers that function as 2-in-1 devices, and not as tablets which are gradually used as PCs. We believe that the kind of users on a MacBook Pro and the kind of work that the device does, is quite different from the kind of work that is done on an iPad.

Hence, can the iPad Pro replace the MacBook Pro? Yes, Possibly. But should the iPad Pro replace the MacBook Pro? In our humble opinion, no.