WWDC 2017: 10.5-inched iPad Pro Announced by Apple


WWDC 2017 has indeed been an event that has lived up to the hype. Apple has made a large number of announcements. Before we begin to talk about the new 10.5 inched iPad Pro that was launched at the event, let us take a look at all that has been announced so far:

Let us now take a look at what’s next. It was speculated for months that Apple intends to launch a new variant of the iPad Pro at the WWDC 2017. It has indeed happened as the company has now launched the 10.5 inched variant of the device. Let us take a closer look at what the new device brings to the table.

WWDC 2017: 10.5 inched iPad Pro Specifications and Features

  • Apple, at the WWDC 2017, unveiled the latest iPad device - the 10.5 inched iPad pro. This is 20% larger than the usual 9.7 inched iPad, but comes with slim bezels and weighs only one pound!
  • Thanks to the large display, a full-sized keyboard can be accommodated on the device. This keyboard comes with support for over 30 languages!
  • Up next, the display capacities are addressed. The new iPad Pro comes out with True Tone display, a brightness of 600nits, as well as support for HDR video. It comes with a refresh rate of 120hz, which leads to a better scrolling experience.
  • The performance of Apple Pencil has also been improved. The Apple Pencil now comes with latency of just 20ms.
  • The new iPad Pro runs on a six-cored CPU powering an A10X fusion chip. It also features a 12-cored GPU! This GPU would lead to a 40% improved boost when it comes to graphics performance.
  • The device offers a 7MP front camera and a 12MP primary camera. The 10.5 inched iPad Pro comes with a battery life of up to 10 hours.

The 10.5 inched variant comes out at a price of $649, and a 12.9 inched variant comes out at $799. Both variants offer 64GB, 256GB  and 512GB storage.