WWDC 2017: Apple HomePod Competes with Amazon Echo and Google Home


For a considerable period, Amazon was the clear leader when it comes to the world of speakers-as-digital-assistants. However, they were soon joined in the race by Google Home. Apple had been silent up until now. Today at the WWDC 2017 Apple had their moment - at the main event of the opening day - Apple introduced us to the Apple HomePod

WWDC 2017: Apple HomePod Features and Specifications

Apple’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home, the Apple HomePod comes out into the markets at a price point of $349. Phil Schiller took the stage for one last time to announce their next major device. It was a surprise as Apple had promised six things they were looking at, but this came out as a seventh!

For those wondering the six announcements were:

1 (and 2): Apple TV getting Amazon support, watchOS 4 announced.

3: macOS High Sierra being announced

4: iMac (2017) and iMac Pro announced

5: iOS 11 features announced

6: Latest generation of iPad Pro

The seventh announcement which took everyone by surprise was that of Apple HomePod - something that has been rumored for a while, but wasn’t really seen, even in the rumor mills. Apple, as per Phil Schiller wanted to combine good speakers with smart speakers. They want to ‘Rock the House’, he said. And then there was the HomePod!

The Apple HomePod is powered by an A8 Processor from Apple. This processor helps power the device as well as ensures it can easily navigate through the cloud and fetch the music in the smoothest possible way. It comes with seven tweeters on the inside, and 6 microphones that allow the users to talk to it. The device comes to life when you say ‘Hey Siri’.

As of now, the Apple HomePod can control the music, as well as HomeKit devices. This means that users can make use of it to control air conditioning and lights, etc. It can also fetch scores, news, weather and traffic information. Users can also send text messages, as well as set reminders.

Apple says that privacy is a top concern here, and that no data is being recorded till ‘Hey Siri’ is said. Apple HomePod will launch in December 2017 and will come out in White and Grey variants. You now know what the hottest Christmas gift this season is going to be!