Reports Show Microsoft Surface Laptop Very Hard To Repair


Microsoft launched the Surface Laptop as the latest device in their surface series. The company has been coming out with a number of amazing tablets and convertibles over the past few years, and this laptop comes as the latest addition to the series. The device was much appreciated for the design as well as the use case. However, if the latest reports are to be believed, while the exteriors might be really appealing, the device has a major flaw - it is very hard to repair the Surface Laptop.

Teardown reports indicate that the latest laptops from Microsoft come with hardly any screws inside, and most components are glued together. While most regular laptops have components which stay together with the use of screws, the Microsoft Surface Laptop has actually been put together using glue and clips. This kind of an internal arrangement makes it pretty difficult when it comes to repairing the device.

The CPU, RAM, as well as storage units are all soldered on to the motherboard. Basically, this means that there’s no space for upgrades. Even if you are to replace them for some reason, there might be a significant risk of damaging your motherboard. Even accessing the headphone jack is a pain in the neck as it is placed in a manner that would require the removal of the heat sink, the fan, the display as well as the motherboard.

If removing a part from the laptop’s internals is hard, people might face a harder time while repairing it as it needs to be placed in the exact place from where it was removed, and it needs to be placed back in the same way too. iFixit, in their reports, calls it a ‘glue-filled monstrosity’. If you are looking forward to buy a Surface Laptop, better handle it with care!