YotaPhone 3 Price, Details Officially Announced


Russian smartphone brand Yota has been a moderately popular name in the global markets. While the company is a somewhat familiar brand in their home country as well as some neighboring nations, they are yet to create a global impact. Yota has today confirmed the arrival of their latest smartphone, the YotaPhone 3. This phone, which comes out as a successor to YotaPhone 2, was announced at a conference in Northern China.

Similar to the previous device, the YotaPhone 3 will also feature a regular AMOLED display in the front and an e-ink display on the back. What actually surprises us about the launch of this phone is the fact that very little about the device has been revealed as of now. The company has revealed that the upcoming phone will be coming out in two variants - one featuring 64GB of storage space and the other featuring 128GB of storage.

The pricing of the YotaPhone 3 devices has also been announced. The 64GB phone is priced in at $350 while the 128GB phone costs $450. These phones will go on sale in Russia and China in Fall 2017. Yota has promised to announce more details about the phone later this summer.

After the disastrous YotaPhone 2, we were surprised to see the company still hoping for a miracle to happen. The demand for the phone was so low that the company had to cancel its US Launch after weeks of crowdfunding campaigns. Current reports indicate that the phone would first come out in Russia in September, and would be launched in China around the same time. The Chinese variant of the YotaPhone 3 would feature localized apps such as Baidu and WeChat preinstalled.

It has been quite a while since the last YotaPhone came out. The YotaPhone 3 is the successor of the YotaPhone 2, which came out in late 2014. Hopefully the company will find some luck this time. As they say it, third time’s the charm!