Samsung Galaxy S9 To Launch in January


Samsung is the biggest name when it comes to the world of Android smartphones. The number one player in the world, Samsung releases two flagship smartphones every year - the S-series and the Note-series devices come out around February-March and August-September every year. Reports from Korea now indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will release earlier than expected.

The Samsung Galaxy S9, which has been reported in multiple leaks already, is now being expected to release in January. Reportedly, the phone is under development under the code-name ‘Star’. Samsung is expected to release the phone with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor.

Reports regarding Samsung’s plans to prepone the release date come via South Korean publication, the Investor. The report is based on the fact that the Samsung OLED panels for the Samsung Galaxy S9 would arrive in November. Traditionally, these panels arrive only when the phone is about to launch. They arrive a month or two before the launch.

The panels for the Samsung Galaxy S8 came in January and the phone was announced in March. It now looks like the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be coming out earlier than expected. The Investor reports that the phone might release as early as January 2018.

Samsung has had a rather absurd release schedule for their smartphones as they have not been consistent. The company pulls or pushes the release dates depending on the way they want to reflect it on their quarterly earnings, which is a smart move from them. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S9 in early January could possibly mean Samsung might announce it at the Consumer Electronics Show. However, that might be a little too early in the year.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was announced in March of this year, which meant that the phone came out over one year after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S7. It looks like Samsung wants to make up for the lost time with the Samsung Galaxy S9 possibly releasing in January 2018.