OnePlus Officially Confirms Dual Cameras, First Look At The OnePlus 5


OnePlus 5 has officially been confirmed to come out with dual cameras! In a social media post from OnePlus India, the company has shown off the phone with dual cameras. The image reads ‘Dual Camera. Clearer Photos’. This is the first time the company has officially revealed the fact that the phone will certainly feature dual cameras. The rumor had been around for a long while, but this is the first such confirmation from OnePlus.

The phone features dual cameras on the top left corner, and they are placed horizontally. The cameras come with an LED flash next to them. The cameras come with a slight bump. The OnePlus 5 features curved antenna lines along the top edge. The image that was posted by OnePlus also shows us the launch date and time of the event, as well as details the venue.

The OnePlus 5 launch event will take place at the NSCI Ground in Mumbai. It will take place on the 22nd of June, at 2 PM. Another interesting detail that was announced at the event is that the phone would go on sale on the same day! The launch takes place at 2 PM and the phone goes on sale just a few hours later, at 4:30PM.

As of now we know much about the phone - the company has confirmed that the OnePlus 5 will feature the Snapdragon 835 processor. We also know that it will feature the 3.5mm jack on top. Leaked details from the Amazon India website yesterday told us that the phone would feature a massive, 8GB RAM. The OnePlus 5 is all set to be an Amazon Exclusive.

After months of excitement and anticipation, the phone is finally coming out. Make sure you follow us for all the latest updates on the OnePlus 5! In just two weeks, the phone will finally be unveiled.