Google Chrome 59 for Android is now Live: Pages Load Faster


Google Chrome has been the apex browser when it comes to the world of technology. In a relatively short period of time, Chrome has managed to gain a majority of the market share when it comes to browsers. One of the biggest reasons why Chrome is so popular is because Google constantly keeps updating it. The latest update to the browser comes out as the Google Chrome 59.

The latest version of Chrome has finally rolled out for the users of the browser today. This is slowly rolling out and is expected to reach out all users depending on their region. One of the biggest changes that comes to this latest version of the browser for Android users is that page load time has now been reduced, and pages on Google Chrome for Android will now load faster. Google is yet to post exactly how fast Google Chrome 59 is when compared to the previous versions.

In addition to faster page load times, Google Chrome 59 also addresses one problem that has been a common criticism for Chrome on PC as well as Android platforms - memory consumption. Google Chrome 59 ensures of a reduced memory consumption. Not only does it make browsing faster, but it also ensures the browser is itself fast and lightweight.

Interestingly, Chrome 59 for PC users too, has been rolling out over the past few days. Google Chrome 59 for PC is more about bringing in elements of material design on to the PC browser. Over the years, the biggest challenge for Google has been making the browser RAM friendly. Google Chrome 59 is a step forward towards that on the mobile platform. Hopefully, we would experience a lighter memory consumption on PC as well, as more updates roll by. Have you updated your Google Chrome for Android to the latest version yet?