SwiftKey is one of the well-known third party virtual keyboard app on Android. SwiftKey is owned by Microsoft. Now, the app is integrated with neural networks to provide better suggestions to the users. On Thursday, Microsoft has released the updated version of the app which is integrated with Artifical Neural Networks.

Neural Network is a system of hardware or software patterned after the operations of neurons and are used to predict approximate functions from the human brain which are generally not known. Due to regular updates by the company, typing is improving in a vast manner. SwiftKey has before integrated some features in “Swiftkey Neural Alpha”. Now the company has released this for its original app with great improvements.

SwiftKey can be called as the intelligent keyboard. Before this, the app was giving suggestions while considering the last few words. Now, the app will understand the whole sentence and then provide great suggestions. For Example, consider a phrase “I will meet you at the” the app suggests words like office, hotel or airport while previously the app suggests words like same, moment or end. Also, there is a feature called autocorrect, which suggests you to correct the words instantly

As per the Ben Leavettm, SwiftKey Product Manager, “SwiftKey now offers the most accurate predictions and autocorrection to date thanks to an improved grasp of context and the ability to better understand the similarity between interchangeable words”“. In company’s recent blog, they said: “With this update, SwiftKey is now able to meaningfully capture the relationship and similarity between words”.

Essentially, this is the first company to introduce such technology integration to make human life better. For Android Users, you can download the app from the Play store. While, there is no news about when the feature will be available to the iOS .