Adobe Scan App Launched with Adobe Document Cloud Integration


Adobe has been one of the biggest names and an absolute powerhouse in international software technology. The company has been coming out with a number of software products which have been used by hundreds of millions of users. The company has today announced a new app - Adobe Scan. An app that allows you to scan and upload documents and books in a PDF format.

Over the years there have been a number of apps that help in document scanning. These include the likes of popular apps such as Microsoft Lens, Dropbox, Google Drive. The latest name in the list is that of the Adobe Scan app. The app functions to how the other document scanning apps function. It makes use of the phone’s back camera and emulates the ability of a regular document scanner.

It is a simple app to use. Opening the Adobe Scan app would take you directly to the scanner, where you would be click a photo of your document. After you take this photo, you would be able to crop and select the portion that you want to be scanned. After you crop, you can perform some other tweaks to your scanned document such as increasing or decreasing the contrast, etc.

After taking the pictures, the users need to tap on the pages button on the bottom right corner. This will allow the users to make final edits to the documents before saving it. All the documents are automatically saved on the Adobe Document Cloud. For those who want to save it at another location, they can tap the ‘share’ button and select another location to save. This feature is a great plus for those who use Adobe’s services.

The Adobe Scan app is a great tool which identifies the edges of the page, as well as when it comes to OCR text recognition. “The challenge is unlocking the intelligence that lives in those documents, and extracting meaning that can be searched, analyzed and incorporated into digital workflows. Adobe Scan, powered by Adobe Sensei’s intelligent services, represents a critical step toward our broader innovation imperative for Adobe Document Cloud,” said Adobe.