Aspiring To Be An Astronaut? NASA Astronaut Shares Tip - “Suck The Balls” to Drink Coffee in Space


Do you remember when you were growing up, they would often ask you - ‘What do you want to be when you grow up’. Many of you might have answered with astronaut. As kids, astronauts fascinate us. Their superhero like dresses, and the ability to float around in space makes them really cool. As you grow older, you appreciate them even more. However, not all of us become astronauts. A video shared by NASA today shows an important life skill for astronauts - how a NASA Astronaut drinks coffee.

The video was shade by NASA on Twitter, which showcases Colonel Jack Fischer. Colonel Fischer holds a Masters Degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the MIT. However, one of the highlights of his skill sets is the fact that he knows how to suck the balls. Don’t get us wrong, we are just detailing how a NASA Astronaut would drink coffee in space.

Liquid takes a different form where there’s no gravity. It splits into several circular balls that need to be swallowed quickly by the NASA Astronaut who is looking forward to drink it. “I love coffee on Earth, it’s pretty much my favorite thing,” stated Colonel Jack Fischer in the video NASA shared on Twitter. “But in space, I get to make balls out of it—so check this out—and then suck the balls.”

While we often wonder how so many of us want to be astronauts while growing up, but most of us do not become one, the statistics are almost always against your favor. You need to be exceptionally good with math and science, and need an advanced degree in that. Even after that the chances of becoming an actual astronaut are just 0.6% as pointed out by a report from TheVerge. However, the one major life skill that you need, that nobody ever told you about till today - you need to be good at sucking balls.