Instagram Archive Feature Allows Temporarily Hiding of Unwanted Photos


Instagram has been quickly becoming one of the biggest names in social media. With latest stats indicating that 700 Million users having been crossed in April, Instagram now looks at the Billion user mark. While Instagram continues to grow, they continue introducing new features. The latest such feature is that of the recently introduced ‘archive’ option. This Instagram archive feature allows the users to temporarily hide unwanted photos.

There are often some photos that you think are no longer good enough to be on your public profile. However, Instagram does not have an option to selectively assign photos into a private viewing mode. With this newly introduced Instagram Archive feature, the company now allows the users to selectively hide photos that they want to. These photos can be archived temporarily, or can be deleted permanently.

When asked about this feature, Instagram responded to TechCrunch saying: “We’re always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience”, they also added that the Archive option creates a ‘private space for personal viewing of old posts’. An Instagram rep was quoted to say that the company “will expand the availability of the archive option over the next few months as it continues to iterate on it.” The feature is also available on the Android Beta app.

This is an interesting feature, and for those on iOS or Android Beta apps who have access to this Instagram archive option, it can be accessed on the profile section on the top right corner. The archive option is seen as a reverse clock icon. If this icon is visible, open any photo and press the three dots - pressing it would show you the option to archive it. Following the archive, you can, at any point of time, choose to ‘show on profile’ or ‘delete’ it. The update is likely to make it to the main app over the next few weeks.