Amazon India Arbitrarily Blocks Customer’s Amazon Account, Asks Him To Fax Details


Globally, Amazon is recognized as one of the biggest brands when it comes to online retail. The company is a giant when it comes to e-commerce, and functions across a large spectrum of businesses ranging from server solutions to automation, digital assistants, and much more. The company operates in India too, and Amazon India is one of the biggest names in the country’s e-commerce sector. However, it looks like Amazon’s Indian offices have taken success for granted. A latest incident reported earlier today shows how the company randomly blocked the account of a customer.

Shyam Pareek, who recently ordered a OnePlus 5 from Amazon India was shocked to find that Amazon has arbitrarily banned the account he ordered the phone from. One day a customer orders the phone, another day he finds out that there has been no progress on his order, his account gets blocked, and no refund is initiated. There are so many questions that need to be answered and Amazon India has chosen to answer none of them. What makes matters worse is that the account that has been banned is an Amazon Prime account where users have to pay an additional amount to get priority service.

Amazon India rubbed salt on the wounds when they asked Shyam to fax his details to them. This showcases how terrible the comapny’s infrastructure is. In the year 2017, when we have smartphones in every pocket, and e-mails run offices, Amazon wants Shyam to fax his details to them. This is a mockery of the issue and looks like Amazon just wants to make it difficult for customers to communicate with them.

Shyam took matters in his own hands and complained on the Facebook timeline of Amazon India. Here, he was met by responses from Amazon’s online customer service team, who hid his complain from their timeline due to the outrage it gathered. This is a sad state of affairs and Amazon India needs to make sure such incidents do not happen. We hope the situation gets resolved soon.