Amazon Planning to Buy Slack: Microsoft’s Loss is Amazon’s Gain


Tech giants tend to acquire smaller firms which have potential, so that they can expand their businesses. The big fish eats the small fish, and the bigger fish eats the big fish. Slack is among these big fishes. After Microsoft’s love affair with the company ended, a number of tech giants now have their eyes set on the popular business messaging platform. One of the biggest of these names is that of Amazon.

While there had been this long standing rumor that Microsoft might acquire the company, it now turns out that Amazon might soon be close to a deal. The company is among the ‘Top-5’ in the US along with Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Among the aforementioned five names, Amazon is the only one which does not have a proper messaging app. Sure, they tried at times and came out with Amazon Chime, but that too, isn’t really a major success.

While Microsoft has Teams and Outlook, Google has Gmail, Hangouts, Allo, Duo, etc. Facebook has the Messenger, and Apple has iMessages, Amazon clearly lacks a communication tool. Slack might just fill the void for Amazon. Reports from Bloomberg have indicated that the company’s acquisition evaluation might be well above $9 Billion, and it is possible Slack might even refuse any deals as of now. However, Amazon looks like the strongest contender at the moment.

Slack, which offers a free to use service charges for some premium features such as unlimited history, support and stats. The service has over 1.5 Million paying users and over 5 Million daily active users. Some of the biggest organizations in the world make use of Slack for their internal communication. This includes the likes of AirBnB, Samsung and Harvard University. An acquisition would be a big move for Amazon. As of now neither party has commented on it. Stay tuned with us for more updates.