iOS 10.3.2: Users Complain of Battery Drain Problem


While every new version of iOS as well as even the smaller updates bring in many changes and innovations, Apple has had a history of updates that bring in problems for some users. Apple’s latest update to the iOS comes out in the form of iOS 10.3.2, and similar to many such updates in the past, while it solves problems it also creates a few of them. This time, a number of users have been complaining of a quick drain of battery!

The Apple iOS 10.3.2 update rolls out for iPhone 5 and above devices. For the iPads, it comes for iPad 4th generation and later. iPod 6th generation and above users too, are getting this update. This update is aimed at bringing in various fixes and security updates. This update brings in ‘bug fixes and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad’.

As per Apple’s security updates page, the iOS 10.3.2 update brings in fixes for bugs in Safari, AVEVideoEncoder, CoreAudio, iBooks, IOSurface, kernel, one Notifications bug, WebKit-related fixes and more. However, while security fixes are being brought out, one major flaw has been spotted in the updates that has been affecting a number of users across various devices.

iPhone 5s as well as 6s users have been complaining that their batteries are draining out quicker than usual, and that their phones have been shutting down at 80%. Users have been taking to Twitter and various other social media platforms to complain about this issue. As per reports, this bug seems to be affecting only the iPhone users, and not the iPad and iPod users. A similar bug has been spotted in the past with various other iOS updates too.

It is expected that Apple will release a fix for this iOS 10.3.2 bug with their next update, the iOS 10.3.3, which is already in a beta mode as of now.