LG G6 Warranty Extended for One Additional Year for All Users


LG has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of technology. The company has been around for a really long time and has been a leading name in the world of consumer electronics. Their foray into the smartphone markets too, has been quite popular, and after a somewhat forgettable 2016, LG is celebrating 2017 as their best year in the markets. The company was perhaps in the mood to spread some love, and have now extended the LG G6 Warranty by another year, making it a total of two years.

The company started off the year on a strong foot. Fresh off the release of the LG V20 a couple of months ago, the company was looking forward towards launching theLG G6. The LG G6 warranty was initially that of one year, which is a norm with most smartphones. However, LG has now doubled the LG G6 warranty, and it is now for a total of two years!

One must however keep in mind that this extended LG G6 warranty does not cover accidental damage. Physical damage such as cracked screens would not be covered under this warranty, as this is just an extension of your regular warranty. President of LG MobileComm USA, Chang Ma announced this plan as he told this to The Verge. LG is calling this extended LG G6 warranty as the ‘LG G6 second year promise’.

To claim this extended warranty, you need to register your phone with the LG website in 90 days starting today if you own a LG G6. For those who plan on buying a new LG G6, you will have a period of 90 days to register your phone with the LG website. For those buying via carriers, the carriers will take care of the first years’ warranty while they would need to get in touch with LG for the second years’ warranty.

This is indeed a very good step from LG. Having now claimed a solid 20% market share in the US, the company is stepping up and showing the world that they are among the biggest players for a reason. This is also a great sign of confidence from LG on their LG G6 smartphone. Make sure you register your phone with LG and double your LG G6 warranty!