Qualcomm Joins Hands with TSMC for 7nm Processors; Major Blow to Samsung


Qualcomm is among the most prolific chip-makers in the world of technology. Qualcomm processors have powered billions of smartphones around the world, and have been very popular in terms of performance. The company has been coming out with a number of new chipsets and created the Snapdragon 835 with Samsung. However, it looks like Qualcomm has now joined hands with TSMC for their gen-next processor which will come out early next year.

TSMC, which stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company will help Qualcomm co-produce their next-gen, 7nm processors. Samsung and Qualcomm had a fruitful association in the past. When they came out with the Snapdragon 835 processor, Samsung Foundry made $1.78 Billion off it. This was 40% of their total profits and a significant amount. Having broken up with Qualcomm this year, it would be a major blow to Samsung.

In addition to having lost Qualcomm, Samsung recently lost their deal with Apple to produce APs for the iPhone 8. While TSMC is all set to get a major boost, Samsung can lick their wounds realizing the fact that they still have a large number 10nm processors to be sold, including the ones that will be sold for mid-ranged devices.

These next-generation processors from Qualcomm would take the brand’s reputation to a whole new level. While the hype that surrounded the Snapdragon 835 processors was that they carried a 10-nm FinFET architecture, these next-generation chips would feature a 7-nm process that makes them even better. Qualcomm and TSMC are all set to begin production sometime in the second half of the year.

Samsung too, is expected to mass produce 7nm chipsets of their own, which would be coming out in a beta form by the July of this year. Expect an intermediary release from Qualcomm and TSMC too, which will be just a numerical upgrade to the Snapdragon 835 in the next few months. The real game begins in early 2017 as the 7nm processors begin appearing on phones! Stay tuned with us for more information.