Google Pixel XL 2 ‘Taimen’ To Be Made by LG; Pixel Launcher Hits Million; Pixel 2 Render Spotted


The Google Pixel smartphone waltzed into our lives last year. For months there were rumors about the launch of ‘the apex smartphone’ from Google. And when it came out, it changed the way we looked at the Android smartphone markets, and rightly so. Google is now working on the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 smartphones which are all set to come out this year. A lot has been happening, and here are all your Google Pixel updates rounded up -

Google Pixel XL 2 ‘Taimen’ To Be Made by LG

There were many questions about who would make the next generation Pixel smartphones. While most sources had pointed at HTC continuing to make them this year, the name of LG too, had popped up once or twice. It now appears that the regular sized Pixel 2 smartphone would be made by HTC, while the larger, Pixel XL 2 would be made by LG. It was earlier believed that the two Pixel phones this year would be a phone codenamed Walleye (regular sized Pixel) and another phone codenamed Muskie (Pixel XL). However, Pixel XL was reportedly now going to be an even larger device (codenamed Taimen)

This revelation came from a bug report log in the Android Issue Tracker database. A Google employee instructed an LG employee to close the bug report and move it to a “Power” subdirectory whose full path is Android > Partner > External > LGE > Taimen. This is an interesting turn of events, as Google has once again joined hands with trusted OEM partner LG.

Google Pixel 2 Rendered Image Surfaces

Yet another image of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone has now been spotted. The phone is once again seen with a design style that follows the modern day flagship format. It comes with very thin bezels and fits in a larger display in the same sized devices. The phone will feature an 18:9 ratio when it comes to display. The image shows the phone with a new color scheme where black and white has been merged together.

On the back of the Pixel 2, we see dual cameras. Google is going to double down on what their strongest suite is, which means that this time, the phone will feature two cameras. On the back side, the phone looks quite similar to last years’ Pixel phones, with the exception of the dual cameras. However, this is a concept image based on leaks and information that has been obtained so far. The final phone may not resemble the rendered image.

Pixel Launcher Crosses 1 Million Downloads

Another interesting update regarding the Google Pixel devices has emerged today, as the Pixel Launcher just crossed over a million downloads on the Google Play Store. This means that Google has sold about a Million Pixel smartphones in eight months. We say this with confidence as the Play Store settings allow only the users of Pixel devices to access this launcher.

While there are other means to get hold of this directly via the Play Store by rooting smartphones, the process is so tedious that it has been deemed statistically insignificant. In any case, what this certainly indicates is that Google has not exceeded a million devices in sales yet, though it is indeed the sign of a thundering success. Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL 2 are expected to do even better as they release later this year.