Firefox Focus Browser for Android Takes Privacy To The Next Level


Over the past few year, privacy has been a major concern when it comes to smartphones. A number of users have been quite paranoid when it comes to their privacy, and rightly so. Firefox has always ensured high standards of security and privacy, and they took it one step forward last year. Mozilla had introduced Firefox Focus on the iOS last year. This year, the browser makes its way to the Android OS as well.

While the Firefox Focus browser does not come with as many functions as your regular Firefox browser, the one thing that it gives special attention to is that of privacy. The browser is a very minimal sort of a browser, with very few features. There are no tabs, no extensions, no account managers, etc. There’s just one URL bar where you enter the address and the site opens up. Ads as well as trackers are blocked by Firefox Focus. Ad blocker can be turned off from the menu.

At the bottom of the screen, on the right side, there’s a round icon with a trash can on it. Pressing that button would immediately close the page you are browsing and delete your history. The page that you are browsing cannot be seen on overview of apps, and even screenshots are not allowed. However that can be disabled from settings.

All said and done, the Firefox Focus browser takes privacy to the next level, and is a must use app for anyone who believes that their privacy is at risk. While for most casual tasks there’s always the private mode/incognito mode, the Firefox Focus browser is a good tool for users who need to be attentive all the time when it comes to their privacy. Do give it a try. The app is now available on the Google Play Store.