Snapchat Sets Up A Giant, Yellow Ferris Wheel at Cannes


Snapchat has been among the biggest names when it comes to the world of digital media technology. The company has been one of the fastest rising brands, and while their meteoric rise has been slowed down by the competition getting more intense than ever before, the company is indeed doing good business. Snap Inc. has ventured into hardware business over the last one year, and has been generating quite a buzz. Their IPO too had all the hype behind it. The company is now at Cannes and is sporting a giant yellow ferris wheel to capture eyeballs.

Cannes is an important destination at this time of the year. Known to be a city that hosts a number of award functions, the biggest of these functions is that of the advertising industry. The who’s who of the world of advertising and digital media are currently at this city in the French Riviera. Snapchat setting up a ferris wheel at the event is a strategic move to attract the members of the advertising community.

Many major companies are present at this event. Cannes witnesses Facebook, Twitter, CBS and many other giants of media and advertising under one roof. While bigger companies rent yachts and cabanas, Snapchat is showing off a giant ferris wheel. While this seems like a rather strange move to draw advertisers towards them, it looks like it is working well as Instagram has a number of photos of various people standing alongside the giant wheel from Snapchat.

Moreover, in another smart move, Snapchat parent Snap Inc. has a vending machine there, which dispenses Snap Specs! This is a clever move from Snap Inc as it will give a number of advertisers, publishers and the who’s who of advertising a taste of how their product feels like and how it functions.