China, over the past several years, has become one of the biggest hubs of a smartphone revolution. A number of new manufacturers are mushrooming there with every passing month. However, not all of them make it to the top. OnePlus is one such name which took things to a whole new level! The company is among some of the most internationally successful smartphone brands to come out of China. The company’s latest smartphone is the OnePlus 3. The users of the OnePlus 3 are in for a treat as they the Community Build for the OxygenOS 3.5 has now started rolling out.

For those who might not be aware, a community build is a sort of a beta version of the next big update. These builds have to manually be flashed by the users, and are only meant for testers and experienced users. OnePlus is a company which takes pride in its community of modders and flashers, it has often encouraged them, as well as helped them achieve more.

This new and improved OxygenOS 3.5 update brings unspecified UI Improvements on to the table. A number of existing OnePlus apps have been revamped as well. The camera app, in particular, has received a bigger update which allows the users to customize it in a better manner. According to OnePlus, they have also put some thought into the backend enhancement with this new update.

As of now there are a few known issues which are bothering the users who have installed the OxygenOS 3.5 update on to the OnePlus 3. Those who will install this update will by default become members of OnePlus’s ongoing beta program, and would continue getting OTA updates for community build releases. However, they will not get updates for official releases. For that they’d have to flash their device with an official build again! Tread lightly if you’re not an experienced player. In more OnePlus news, a OnePlus One smartphone recently caught fire while charging in India!