There have been various scandals that surround the smartphone industry. A few years ago, many people would remember that there were the ‘exploding mobiles’. This used to happen rather frequently over the past few years, but has gradually slowed down and such incidents are very rare. However, over the last two days we’ve had two cases of phones catching fire! First off, a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 device reportedly caught fire yesterday. Today, the news comes that a OnePlus One smartphone has caught fire while charging.

The OnePlus One, which is now among the biggest names when it comes to the markets of technology, came out in the year 2014. When the company started off, the OnePlus One was the device which brought them major fame. It was their first ever device, and is a little over two years old now.

While yesterday’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explosion was still a doubtful incident, and details about when and where it happened remain unclear, today’s case is more clear. The device that caught fire today is from India, the owner is one Deepak Gosain who posted a short video on Twitter showing the damaged device. The device has now been handed over to the OnePlus service center, and Mr. Gosain would soon be getting a new smartphone.

As per him, the incident actually occurred a couple of days ago, on the 22nd of August. This was a one-off incident, and is unlikely to hurt the credibility of the OnePlus One or the OnePlus brand at large, but it is indeed alarming. A similar incident has now taken place in a matter of a few days with two different smartphones. Users need to ensure they use the genuine accessories, especially while charging. This OnePlus One incident is indeed scary, and users must ensure they remain safe and do not keep the smartphones near their bed, or inflammable substances while charging.